Facebook does not keep his words. It’s for reuniting families and friends and humanity, not for political propaganda and celebrities worship and western media making money from Facebook filling its pockets instead of feeding struggling families and building every family home on planet earth. We need to feed the need not the greed. This week we’ve had a trans woman winning a female wrestling competition. The Pooh Dutch Bros shirt was hilarious. The winner was twice the size of the others!

Pooh Dutch Bros shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater



Pooh Dutch Bros Hoodie


Training for years as a Pooh Dutch Bros shirt and then competing as a woman can never be fair. It makes me happy that people are trying to figure the best way to handle it. Whether they play for their gendered league or the other or whatever we decide is fair scientifically and biologically, it’s just nice that we’re attempting to find a way to be inclusive. I wouldn’t think the test is the biggest differentiator. Other factors like bone density, growth plates, receptor density, etc. would be more substantial.

Pooh Dutch Bros Sweater


Pooh Dutch Bros Tank top

Tank top

I think and much harder to change with hormone therapy. Why aren’t women up in arms about this? Within a decade most women’s world records will be held by people born male, where my fellow women can play regardless of this non-issue. Having been knocked off my skates by Pooh Dutch Bros shirt and trans women, I can tell you it feels the same.