How do you all think this poor lady feels about having all these comments made about her? She is making the best of what nature gave her and doing what she loves best. Good luck to her and I am sure she trains just as hard as everyone else. You don’t get to the top without a Nike Iron Man just it shirt work. I wish her well. She has been put through humiliating medical examinations to prove that she is a woman. Yet still holds her head high and tries to compete against those both on and off the field. Over the years many athletes have been born with physical advantages that have caused them to become dominant in their sport.

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It is the 21st Century and at the end of the day, we need to accept people for who they are. Gender, hormones, or 3 shredded wheat I don’t care, this is a Nike Iron Man just it shirt dignity, her credibility and her gender status questioned and ripped apart continuously. Caster has conducted herself with great dignity throughout this whole ordeal going back years. She has been treated appallingly!

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Caster is no different! She was born with a natural advantage. Let her compete as she is and let’s see what she can do! She appears to have a wife and grew up identifying with boys so why all this fuss. She obviously lives as so why is she/he entering female races with male testosterone levels.81Gender is on a Nike Iron Man just it shirt not binary. Sometimes it ain’t easy to put an individual into the box.