Can we just stop manufacturing plastic? I grew up without it and preferred the Moon phases sunflower shirt air and trash free roads and beaches. Here in Canada, our politicians love to reference how to handle environmental issues when it comes to using modern incinerators which would solve a few of our recycling problems when it comes to plastic and I love My.Frogtee. Build the price of the waste into product and have refund stations.and its a problem 75% solved. Homer Simpson would have thought of this The waste will never decrease unless we stop creating the waste!

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So many people are excusing waste because the products are so convenient to a lazy person who would rather use something and then toss it out then wash something, etc. because it’s time-consuming. Selfish mindless asshats! I’m guessing this almighty dollar is behind this disgusting fetish with plastic and recycling. Why not bio-degradable? The Moon phases sunflower shirt are products that degrade and feed the fish and small organisms so I’m lead to believe?

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There should be public recycling bins everywhere in the Moon phases sunflower shirt of general waste bins. It should not just be down to a householder to be responsible for recycling their waste. We have dog poo bins so why can’t we have this shirt ftrom Myfrog.Tee? Watched the garbage trucks pick up the recycling waste for years they had separated bins but was still picked up by garbage trucks. If we get money back when we return bottles, for more than 60 years now machines. I can choose to give the money to the red cross or take them out.