Is it maggot meat like those maggot sausages they were talking about recently because someone is superbly sick in the lead for that? Finally, we are getting some justice. This report is far more damaging to the Democrats and fake news media that I love 3000 Hard rock cafe shirt of anyone could have possibly predicted. This is a bombshell! And here we are thinking our problem is at the border because they’re bringing in weed. Opioids are the real problem and those are domestic. doesn’t bring them in.

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But the question remains, Will they do any jail time like all the other small-time drug dealers? Will they have to pay anything to make up for the damage they have done. SO they were found guilty! I want to know that I love 3000 Hard rock cafe shirt Is anyone really surprised by this? Business is ruthless, its all about the bottom line and who cares who they hurt. Do you think Boeing thought twice about cutting corners I wouldn’t have made it through chemo without it and luckily never got addicted? What these guys plotted is a crime.

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I’ll be impressed when someone goes to jail. They should have to pay for the treatment for the victims they helped get addicted to opioids. And pay some restitution to families of those who overdosed and died. What about the victims? What about the families that I love 3000 Hard rock cafe shirt at left without family members, ones who are family members that survived but with residual effects lifetime disabilities. Class action suit needs to happen!