A gentle soul who is learning the hard way that life is not fair. Did they check how much testosterone that had in comparison to others? Semenya is hyperandrogenous, meaning her body naturally produces high amounts of testosterone, the Hard rock cafe Hogwarts shirt helps build muscle, endurance, and speed. Scientists believe Semenya and other intersex athletes, although born female, develop internal testes around the time they hit puberty keeping their gender the same but creating an unfair advantage.

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She didn’t come from Mars. or from anywhere else in our solar system. This is outrageous! Go Semenya, you rock. They” want you to take hormones prior to compete. Do it. Do anything that is morally correct. Work hard! Just don’t quit. We love you. Good move. should be the same for all athletics and sports, must be demotivating being a Hard rock cafe Hogwarts shirt for years knowing you cannot compete and only running for second place.




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Not fair on the other lady competitors, so try to make a Hard rock cafe Hogwarts shirt even playing field. Some of the African runners have different leg construction which makes long distance running smoother. Shall we consider penalizing them, I wonder So much anger over something that it’s natural. So much hatred speeches and approaches to something that is natural. She was naturally born that way.