I am in the aviation field and you will be surprised how little kids of color face light up when they see someone like them flying the plane or a Game Of Thrones just do it shirt then see a lady black pilot. Exposure and seeing your race being represented Help me and you are worth something. Make anything outside of survival a problem then thankfulness has left. I’ll help you stay alive but grateful is a choice. But unless you help my survival then you have no effect. Listen I might help you survive. if you need it.

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I will help any human. My own mistakes will make me say I should at least try to help. What we really need is stop trying to diversify by force people don’t want to be diverse. Ever notice how even in, a very racially diverse place, the different races segregate themselves into different communities? They could also go to schools while riding the Game Of Thrones just do it shirt then popularity among kids to talk to school children of all races about the relevance of science and engineering studies.

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I personally think this is not a story as there are many areas example sports where the proportion is the other way around but can you imagine the Game Of Thrones just do it shirt is good, like me, many people of color never have been around aviation and don’t know this world. It opens up the possibility to be a part of this world and I’m grateful that I happened to fall into.