What the hell is wrong with us!!!!! The only reason we top the food chain is because of our brain, clearly, these disgusting people didn’t inherit one. I really hate being a human, we think we’re entitled to do what we like with this wonderful world and we’re not. I really hope the Fortnite Avengers endgame shirt is real and these people get what’s owed. We the poor, for I rely on cash to pay for everything, so I can only spend in what’s in my hand, like if I only have £5 then that’s it, but if I use the card then. they have now all your money and have become greedy with overdraft fees and big bonuses and You have to play Their game to get Your money.

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I could get carried away and buy stuff that I don’t need, and I for one can then lose track what’s in my account, so cash is best for me. It all went wrong when the weekly wage was paid by the bank, not in a Fortnite Avengers endgame shirt to save the boss getting bashed and the wage pinched)then it went monthly. They needed You to put Your money into their banks, T They squeeze every penny they can out of customers by closing branches and machines. I prefer to use cash. The idea of less cash is to have fee employees.


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Technology is good to some extent but it has its downside. Also, banks are private enterprise is behind this – pushing internet banking, pushing chip and pin, closing branches, removing cash machines. People theFortnite Avengers endgame shirt to them and refuse to use card-only businesses. I only use my card online – I like cash as it helps me budget.