No real surprise here. People don’t always see how some decisions play out. It is good to bring this data to light. I have always been grateful my parents valued education and instilled that in me, too. Educational spending is the local communities choice. Most of the cost of education is locally funded by taxes that the voters approve. The local community votes on funding issues. Good schools, a school that demands that students read and write, can produce successful students capable of reaching college. Probably also a big reason why the Chase 9 Chase Elliott signature shirt is ranked 37th out of 71 countries in Math and 26th in Science.

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The Chase 9 Chase Elliott signature shirt in the top 30 to get a decent Math education. I am educated and I am a hard worker. I have done what society has asked of me. This is a joke. My salary can’t keep pace with rising prices. Corporations, top management pay little in taxes in proportion to their revenues and salaries. The com gap is widening. Most of our problems have to do with greed. Just follow the money. The key equation is involved parents, demanding teachers and motivated students.

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They are wasted on bank bailouts, space exploration, corporate welfare and defense on top of multiple entitlement programs for people who do not work for a living. Education is essential, but another critical aspect is men taking responsibility for their families and dare I say, manning up and committing to marriage. Could that be because the Chase 9 Chase Elliott signature shirt is more of them but statistically they receive the same percentage? A lifetime of debt is more like it. Encourage trade schools and let them know college is not the only option.