Love all the comments on here about the Captain america endgame shirt and their bias, political agenda, attempt to mislead people and complete misunderstanding of most things. This report is actually a testament to mistrust people. People like are though fringe and gets disproportionate media coverage, doesn’t have any political agenda except opposition politics. But they are great for showcasing India’s vibrant democracy where everyone gets their fair share of moments under the spotlight. They are advertising a guy who could not pass college in 10 years and calls himself a student.

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Paid by the opposition and has the lowest knowledge about anything possible. The Captain america endgame shirt is totally correct, his only agenda is anti-mode. Please make the nation stand beside a deserving person, not a person who is accused of a crime against the nation, his thought about the army and what not. We are not fools to stand beside this kind of person. He wants freedom from poverty and unemployment but doesn’t have any solutions himself.

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I recently listened to many of his speeches, including the one he gave post row after bail and must say that he is one of the most promising leaders of our time he has clarity, intent, and most importantly a Captain america endgame shirt of presenting his views without being crass or cheap. You will never see him talking about solutions to poverty and unemployment.