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What makes you think he’ll do anything now. Speaking of being dead wrong on everything across. Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said in 2014 that Joe Biden has been wrong on every major foreign policy issue and national security issue in the Baby Yoda Starbucks Coffee shirt last forty years. And he said in 2019 that he stands by his statement. Biden’s 1st day, 2nd day, 3rd and on and on would be like, absolutely nothing but political posing, talking about doin’ something, meeting someone, talking some more and nada much after.

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Baby Yoda Starbucks Coffee sweater, hoodie, and long sleeve

Baby Yoda Starbucks Coffee Hoodie


Baby Yoda Starbucks Coffee Long sleeve

Long sleeve

Baby Yoda Starbucks Coffee Sweater


This is because he is a POLITICIAN, not a man that’s up for leading a powerful nation and becoming President. Trump came into that White House on a mission. He’s straight-up putting in the Baby Yoda Starbucks Coffee shirt work, racking up promises kept, and plowing through that weed field of a capital we have. The amount of accomplishments he’s made compared to his predecessors is quantifiable. I know isn’t it sad. I really don’t understand people and their thought process nowadays. The problem is all these liberals are entitled with no accountability and when they don’t get their way they cry about it until someone comforts them and gives them what they want. CNN and all theses liberal media channels don’t help either because they justify their stupidity on national television which enables them.


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