I don’t think either of them was spanked, but being a single mom I was going to make sure they knew I set the rules in our house. It worked for us! It may not for someone else. Sometimes telling your child “sweetie don’t do that” doesn’t work. But most parents just put the Avengers assemble Captain America shirt of screens from the time they pop out. The new babysitter.Sumner if your daughter or son was spanked by their spouse or boss or cop because they didn’t do what they were supposed to do as an adult.

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Would you consider that nonviolence? None of my friends spanked their children, and all of our kids turned out to be well adjusted, kind, high achievers, the Avengers assemble Captain America shirt of their class, respectful, hard-working, wonderful human beings. I’m so proud I can say that I never spanked my children.it worked for you. There’s nothing wrong in minimum punishment for a child.

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I have lovely kids and I do that. You don’t know that uploading small children’s photos unto public facebook puts the Avengers assemble Captain America shirt at risk of being kidnapped by pedophiles and human traffickers, so I guess your parents should have beaten you even more by your logic is much more different than a beating. If there is no abuse going on and the kids are being taken care of why is it anyone’s business.