She has a 3% advantage according to the investigation. All this hype over 3%. The other athletes should just train harder and eat real food. Hope she goes to a higher court and fights this. The Adidas Spiderman shirt of some comments makes me ashamed of my humanity. Caster is human and has feelings. She does not need me to protect her, but I need to comment on what is right. Is sport categorized in gender events or into male and female events? There are only two sexes – male-female the rest are genders.

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All this controversy because she beat rated women so comprehensively yet she emerged into athletics at the Adidas Spiderman shirt as was winning similarly, however, no-one suggests Bolt may have excessive testosterone. It’s tough on Caster but there has to be a line drawn somewhere and it can’t just be measured with dangly bits but has to be scientific, otherwise, women would never win another women’s race. Because she has more natural testosterone and she is now disqualified to compete with another female.

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How about basketball? Should player too tall be disqualified from the game? How about the high jump? There are many games that apparently put some races into an advantage and some into a disadvantage. Just make it purely based on performance. Race within a certain time and you are assigned to that Adidas Spiderman shirt of competition and the others in that bracket perform comparably